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The believer is happy, the doubter is wise.

Irish Proverb


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No Gods Before Us: On Black Winds We Rise

Faleesa the Luminous has been tasked with uncovering the truth behind a notorious thief’s return. A high priestess of the Temple of Ra, Faleesa is also its’ greatest warrior. Years of combat training have hardened her body yet her martial skills are only secondary to her keen mind. She has risen quickly through the ranks of the Temple, outpacing men who misjudged her as just a “mere woman.” The thief’s tale will lead her to a forgotten ruin which predates all known civilization. It is there that she discovers a blasphemous secret, hidden by the religious orders of her land.  This knowledge will challenge the faith of people around the world. Only Faleesa the Luminous can lead Aegyptus out of the darkness but at what cost to her soul?

Meanwhile in the misty lands of Hibernia, a young man named Cathasach “Cath” Ó Gruagáin must face his past, battling the twin demons of depression and unforgiven guilt while preparing for a contentious future. A clan of dwarves, led by the dread warlord Thordroli Longbane, has established a port in Hibernia. One time allies of the Celtic tribes the dwarves now seek to expand their holdings on the island, raising tensions to dangerous levels.  While in negotiations with Longbane Cath is introduced to the dwarven mystic Ceana Caolaisdean, a kindred spirit who just might be able save this troubled man.

Set on an alternate Earth in the year 1000 BC, On Black Winds We Rise is the first novel in the No Gods Before Us series. On this distant reflection of our world the great civilizations of the ancient world have risen simultaneously. The Incan empire prospers while Rome is crumbling, besieged by orcs and human barbarians. Across the globe the faithful must reconcile their beliefs as the truth is revealed to them.

A pious man will fall to evil while a disgraced wizard finds her place among a magical society. Spirits from the future and the past have crossed over into this world, bringing solace to some while tormenting others.

Welcome to the Key Worlds.



Varia: Poetry, Visions and Journeys: Poems by Ramon Alone and Other Works

My first published work. Varia: Poetry, Journeys and Visions are the collected works of Tom McNellis. Here you will find inspirational sayings, poetry and three short stories. From daydream to nightmare Varia runs the length of one man’s imagination. This collection features something for everyone to enjoy. 

The second edition includes:
Descend into darkness with “Downpour”, the chilling tale of Samuel Easley’s fall into evil.

Charge headlong into a cryptic mystery with “The Warning”. 

Experience “The Legend of Doomstomp”.

Ride with the lovable Sneakers and friends in the children’s tale “Sneakers and the Lost Bunnies”

Kindle Edition:


About Me

Originally from Florida, Tom McNellis has lived up and down the East Coast his entire life. He has been writing short stories and poems for about twenty five years. Along the way he has worked numerous jobs: emergency room clerk, various retail establishments and a laboratory before entering the corporate world for the last twenty years.

His next projects include the continuing adventures of Sneakers & Quicksilver, the follow up to “OBWWR” as well as the long rumored collaboration with heavy metal legend Jacob Vermin.

Tom lives on the Gulf Coast with his wife Gina, daughter Erin and lovable dog Sage.

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