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Orcs For the Holidays

"OBWWR" featured a short interlude where a Roman archer unit found themselves besieged by bloodthirsty orcs. My vision of barbarian hordes includes rampaging orcs along with the various Visigoths, etc of history. The orcs vs. humans is tried and true facet of fantasy writing maybe even a bit stereotypical in some cases.

As work slows down for the holidays I thought it was time to revisit the battle between Ratbreath and Lucius Tettienus Candidus. We pick up with the Romans looking down from their secure mountain base to an ever growing swarm of greenskins. Ratbreath has been with me since 2006 when I started playing World of Warcraft. An orphan of inter tribal wars, Ratbreath is the quintessential infantry soldier. Considered expendable he nonetheless always returns from war. Forswearing armor (as "weakness") our hero charges into battle in the little more than a loincloth swinging a massive war axe. He has become a leader of sorts within the infantry, choosing death over a life of oppression.

Happy holidays all; it's back to work for me.

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