• tommcnellis

Out of the storm comes inspiration

Just got back from Blizzcon; had a great time, gained 5 pounds despite miles of walking. Ah beer is good.

Back to writing this week & will pick up Cath's story in Hibernia. Disillusioned by seemingly cruel gods the young man must reconcile the deaths of his clansmen and work towards finding their attacker, the mysterious green man (not the same as the Green Man from "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia". That would be a hell of a crossover though.)

While not planning for it to be a revenge story, the warriors of Westwall are certainly looking for payback. Whether or not Cath can stand more bloodshed remains to be seen. The end of "On Black Winds We Rise" left the young man almost numb from the violence around him. Will he sink further into despair or will the needs of his people pull him back from the brink?


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