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The quarterly update

It seemed an appropriate title since I only update the blog every three months. Work continues on the first draft of "Prayers of the Fallen" and the end is in sight (mostly). My goal is to complete the first draft before my vacation and pick up after I get back.

My wife and I are taking a two week cruise around the UK, Ireland and a short stop in France. I visited England in 1988 so some things have changed a bit. This will be first visit to the Motherland (Ireland). My mother's parents' came from Cork and Claire; my father's family was from further north. It will be such a thrill to see this land I have been writing about (albeit in a very fantasy setting).

Once I start the second draft then the search for a cover artist begins. My plan will be to have Cath and Ceana on the cover in all their ragged glory. I will start recruiting beta readers as well as I clean up the story . The goal to publish "Prayers" is late fall unless the paying job gets in the way.

Ever forward!



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