• tommcnellis

Where will the black winds lead us?

Wow, my first blog post over here. Hmm, what to say?

I've begun work on the second book in the "No Gods Before Us" series. It's even got the clever working title of "NGBU2". The work is coming along slowly but my goal is to complete the book by next summer.

World Three continues to evolve as the evil unleashed in Aegyptus is joined by new arrivals. The primary focus will shift to Hibernia as the Ó Gruagáin clan struggles to recover from the brutal ambush that decimated their warriors. The story of Inukshuk, the young medicine man in training, will continue as he investigates Old Grandfather's grim disappearance. Aegyptus is now shrouded in darkness as the risen Pharoah serves his new masters.

I'll post updates as i can. Thanks again to my readers for their support.


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